Starbase Citadel is a multiplayer video game developed for the tablet platform (iPad and Android).

The game will be free to play, with basic starships available to everyone. Paid upgrades will be available to acquire the full range of starships.

The game features 2 competing races, with each team consisting of 20 starship pilots for a total game size of 40 players. Games will run continously, with open slots being controlled by the computer until such time as enough players have joined in an instance to make it full.

The typical game is expected to last about an hour, but it will be very easy for players to enter or leave a game so if they want to just play for just 5 minutes and leave, that won't hurt the team or their score.

Victory Conditions

Each team will control a Citadel, which permanently resides on each team's homeworld planet, as well as a computer-controlled Starbase that moves around the battlefield.

The first team to destroy the opposing team's Starbase and Citadel wins the game.

In addition, there is strategic value in capturing planets, as they can provide logistical and economic benefits to the team's that own them.

Starbases, Citadels, and Planets will all have defense grids, so typically a single starship won't be able to destroy or capture such a target on its own, and will need to coordinate an assault.