Admiral's Log : Stardate 2013-07-09

UI Redesign

  • Movement controls: redesigned to now use a left rotational button, a right rotational button, and a thrust lever
  • Weapons controls: aim a crosshair using the accelerometer, fire in the direction of the crosshair via the ability buttons

    Admiral's Log : Stardate 2013-05-29

    Starbases : Tractor+Pressor beams

  • Starbases are now implemented in terms of tactical combat.
  • Their 3 abilities are a powerful laser, tractor beam, and pressor beam
  • Tractor beam and pressor beams can be used on both friendly and enemy starships

    Admiral's Log : Stardate 2013-04-22

    Status Indicators, Planet Capture

  • Blue Circles: These indicate how much shield is remaining
  • Spiral Boxes: Indicate remaining hull
  • Red Triangles: How much energy is remaining

    Armies now "pop" on planets and can be picked up. A ship carrying an army can ferry it to an enemy planet to convert it to a neutral planet, or ferry an army to a neutral planet which conquers it for your team.

    Admiral's Log : Stardate 2013-03-17

    Shield Flare, Repeat Laser Blast

    The initial special ability for each of the two starting ships (the Frigate and Destroyer) have been implemented.

    Shield Flare gives the Frigate a temporary boost to its shielding system, allowing it to escape from otherwise difficult situations.

    The Repeat Laser Blast, available for the Destroyer, is a more powerful version of the basic Laser attack that all ships can use.

    Admiral's Log : Stardate 2012-11-29

    Starbase Citadel Begins Development

    Starbase Citadel is a 2D starship MOBA for tablets, now actively in development. The primary focus is on completing the website including back-end database functionality. Once that is complete, the next step will be development of the server that matches players to game instances.

    Get Involved!

    My role is producer, lead game designer, and lead programmer. I will be able to produce a working version of the website, game client, and server. However, this project is larger than what one person can accomplish.

    I'm actively seeking members for the following positions:

    • 2D Character Artist (Sci-fi races)
    • 2D Starship and Icons Artist
    • Community Coordinator (x3)
    • Sound effects designer
    • Musician

    The project is based out of Atlanta, GA. I'm looking for both local team members who would be able to occassionally meet in person on weekends for group collaboration, and also remote contributers.

    I sincerely believe the journey will be worthwhile for everyone involved!

    Contact me at: